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Our soft terry wipes are available in our custom made Fabrics including white and unbleached cotton terry, organic cotton terry and bamboo terry as well as our full line of coloured cotton terry. These wipes are made from two layers of the same knit terry as our diapers.

These 9" x 9" Baby Wipes are so practical for cleaning baby’s bottom without any of the chemicals, alcohol or perfumes used with disposable wipes. Simply rinse after use and wash with your diapers.

Hint... keep a thermos of warm water at your change area to moisten your wipes.


Unbleached - USD$2.00
White - USD$2.00
Organic - USD$3.00
Bamboo - USD$3.00
Green - USD$2.25
Aqua - USD$2.25
Blue - USD$2.25
Purple - USD$2.25
Pink - USD$2.25
Orange - USD$2.25
Yellow - USD$2.25


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