Wizard Duo Adjustable Cover

Two Size Adjustable Wizard Duo Cover!

Adjustable snap rise to shorten and lengthen the Duo Cover for a trim fit at any age. The Duo Insert snaps into the Adjustable Duo Cover using 6 snaps.

Fully elasticized waist, both in the front and back, for a comfortable stretchy fit.

The Duo Cover can be reused a number of times by snapping in a clean Duo Insert.

Small Adj Duo Cover fits 8-18  lbs (3.6-8.2 kg)
Large Adj Duo Cover fits 18-35 lbs (8.2-16 kg)

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Small Adjustable - USD$19.75
Large Adjustable - USD$19.75

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The Duo cover is equipped with 6 snaps to which the absorbent insert is attached. It then closes on the baby like an All in One diaper with an adjustable row of snaps across the front of the diaper.

Wick Resistant Binding and defense against leaks

The Duo cover’s wick resistant binding has a unique quality that helps reduce liquid from wicking from the inside of the diaper to the outer clothing. This means your diaper will work better for longer to keep what’s in the diaper, in the diaper.

Second line of defense:

The cover component of the Duo is your second line of defense. Should a mess ever get past the absorbent component it will be contained by the separately elasticized cover. With the cover not attached to the absorbent component through the leg area, the two can work independently of each other to achieve maximum leakage protection.


The Duo cover may be reused a number of times by simply snapping in a clean absorbent insert. For laundering it may be unsnapped and wiped clean or hand washed or machine laundered with your diapers at 140 degrees F / 60 degrees C. 

Booster Access

The Wizard Duo cloth diaper has a large opening at the legs that is perfectly suited for stuffing an absorbent liner/booster between the absorbent insert and the cover. This is great for naps, overnight or any time you need a little extra absorbency.

Who Should Use Duo?

Parents who cloth diaper as a commitment to the environment and a healthy lifestyle choice:

- They want a well made, absorbent and reliable diapering system. 

- Cost conscious but realize quality isn’t cheap and doesn’t come from China.

- One Size pocket diapers are not an option as test results show they will not remain leak free for the length of time the diaper should fit and therefore ruled out as uneconomical.

- For parents that want the reliability of a two step fitted diaper and cover system without the bulk and fuss.

- For parents that want a slim, trendy cut and bright colours and prints.  Fit is important.

- For parents that plan on returning to the work force and would like the day care to support their choice to cloth diaper.  The Duo lends itself well to this application as diapers can be preassembled the evening before and sent along to the daycare provider ready to be used as simple All in Ones.  The same applies for grandparents and babysitters.

Who should buy One Size Duo Inserts vs. Two Size Duo Inserts?

Certainly the more price conscious parent would consider the One Size Insert (10-35 lbs) as that just makes a lot of sense.  You need to consider, as with all One Size diapers they are cut to fit the largest size range and in some way adjust to fit the smaller size.  They never do that well, especially not on a small baby.  If you don’t mind the fit associated with a One Size style of diaper this one is for you.  The great performance is not compromised.

The Two Size Wizard Duo Inserts distribute the wear and tear over two size ranges for greater longevity and much better fit, particularly in the smaller size range.  The small Insert fits into the XSm (8-12 lb) Wizard Duo Cover so you can start diapering from the newborn stage.  It is recommended for parents planning on having more children.


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